Our Mission

Our mission is to empower female entrepreneurs and create a more equitable business environment. We believe in the potential of female-led businesses to create positive social and economic change, and strive to provide resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship that will enable and support the success of female entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community that celebrates the success of female entrepreneurs and their ability to lead meaningful and successful businesses.

Courtney Randolph Collection is committed to supporting and investing in the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Courtney Randolph is an advocate for women's self empowerment. Her ultimate goal is to see more female CEO's in the future . At only 25 years old, Randolph is a businesswoman, realtor, model, and philanthropist. Randolph is on a mission to empower all young women to take a chance on themselves.

It takes a village to turn a dream into reality. With every purchase made from Courtney Randolph Collection, a percentage of proceeds will be taken and set aside to serve more young women who aspire to be their own boss.


Courtney Randolph

CEO of Courtney Randolph Collection